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DTP SQL Dev Tools Galileo Plan

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  • Created September 4, 2008

General Themes and Priorities

  • Multi-page SQL Schema Editor Framework & exemplary implementations for Sybase ASA in enablement project(pending resource availability)
    • The following items should be considered...
      • Multi-page Schema Editor GUI Framework and the generic preference pages
      • Concrete exemplary schema implementations for Sybase ASA including the following (pending resource availability)
        • Table Schema Editor
        • Index Editor
        • Stored Procedure editor
        • User Defined Function editor
        • User Defined Type editor
        • Constraint/Rule editor
  • SQL Editor Framework/SQL File related bug fixing
    • 210050 (P3)-- (Not delivered due to IBM's rejection)Collapse all virtual nodes when refresh is not a user friendly behavior.
    • 244093 (P1)-- INSERT statement followed by comment flag as error in SQL file Editor
    • 171718 (P2)-- Overloading Function names
    • 221362 (P2)-- poor error handling in datatools when browser can't be started
    • 228233 (P2)-- database server types not externalized
    • 170602 (P2)-- SQL Editor auto format
    • 196609 (P2)-- Cannot auto indent
    • 199353 (P2)-- RoutineEditor to open different SQL Objects with same name
    • 217923 (P1)-- Editor does not inherit from STD text editors - specifically tabs
    • 241618 (P1)-- Error logged when save and close a scrapbook to a sql file
    • 244682 (P1)-- SQL Statement Editor cannot save the content
    • 245494 (P1)-- SQL Editor should allow token matching
    • 246180 (P1)-- SOE:Lost line focus after saving
    • 242361 (P2)-- Column type "null" in CREATE TABLE results in NPE
    • 237037 (P2)-- postgresql code assist didn't work in SQL File Editor
    • 220318 (P2)-- sql editor opens by default
    • 238890 (P2)-- Run SQL from the "Run" toolbar button/ "Run" menu
  • SQL Results view bug fixing
    • 221845 (P1)-- Inconsistent behavior on execution
    • 185501 (P1)-- execute current statement
  • SQL Query Plan view bug fixing (will provide detailed bug list and short descriptions)

Work Items

  • Individual BZ entries