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*(Sheila): Accessibility statement forms
*(Sheila): Accessibility statement forms
*Discussion of proposed feature breakdown
*Discussion of proposed feature breakdown
**See BZ XYZ for proposal
**See BZ [https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=185820 185820] for the proposal
**Target: RC1 or RC2 at the latest
**Target: RC1 or RC2 at the latest
*Individual project status
*Individual project status

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  • Announcement: Visual SQL Query Builder demo by Jeremy next week, first half of this meeting. Please feel free to invite others who might be interested.
  • DTP 1.5RC0 testing status
    • 5/7 build (today's) is a I-build candidate
    • Tested with:
      • Eclipse 3.3M7
      • EMF I200705020200
      • GEF I20070502-1549
    • Works as expected in smoke tests this morning
    • Build test against these versions, no errors found
    • Promoting to I-build status today at 5EST, unless any serious bugs are found
    • On track for DTP 1.5RC0 promotion to Europa this Friday
      • Continue to test and make only well-tested changes this week
      • Update EMF and GEF versions as newer ones become available
  • (Sheila): Accessibility statement forms
  • Discussion of proposed feature breakdown
    • See BZ 185820 for the proposal
    • Target: RC1 or RC2 at the latest
  • Individual project status


Action Items