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DTP PMC and Project Lead Meeting Minutes: January 15, 2007

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  • Europa (DTP 1.5) planning:
    • Our milestone dates are determined by the Europa schedule as posted in the Milestones and Release Candidates section of the Europa Wiki page. Note that DTP is in the "+1" category.
    • By the Europa schedule, the next DTP 1.5 milestone will be on February 16 (M5). There are a number of items, in addition to regular enhancement and bug fixes, that we should seriously consider for this milestone:
      • Specify the VM version requirements for each plug-in (see item 8 in "Must Do" section of Europa Wiki page)
      • Compress the DTP build using "pack 200" (see item 2 in "Must Do" section of Europa Wiki page). This will be done as part of the DTP build process, so only further testing is required by the team.
      • Jar DTP plug-ins: In DTP 1.0, about half of the plug-ins were in directory format. Europa will look for us to reduce this number significantly, if not completely. We should start jarring as many plug-ins as possible, with the aim of being complete by M6 (March 30).
    • Build environment
      • The PMC has been discussing the build environment and set of supported configurations
      • We would to preserve the ability to run DTP 1.5 in Eclipse 3.2.x, EMF 2.2 and GEF 3.2 on a 1.4 VM if possible. But the offical environment for Europa is Eclipse 3.3, EMF 3.3 and GEF 3.3 on a 1.5 VM.
      • We therefore propose that DTP 1.5 be built on Eclipse 3.2.x, EMF 2.2 and GEF 3.2 with a 1.4 but tested primarily on Eclipse 3.3, EMF 2.3 and GEF 3.3 with a 1.5 VM. To check compatiblity, test builds against Eclipse 3.3, EMF 2.3, GEF 3.3 on a 1.5 VM will be run to ensure that the code compiles in this environment, but all DTP 1.5 posted builds (nightly, milestone, rc and release) will be built on the Eclipse 3.2.x, EMF 2.2, GEF 3.2 and 1.4 VM stack.
      • Obviously this implies that any EMF model generation be done on EMF 2.2.
    • We are being encouraged to move to the standard PDE build system for Europa. Whatever we decide, our build procedure needs to be clearly documented as part of Europa [optional] requirements (item 3,4 in "Should Do" category of Europa Wiki page). We need to find staffing to support this.
  • Individual project status


Action Items

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