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DTP PMC and Project Lead Meeting Minutes: April 21, 2008

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  • Brian Fitzpatrick

  • John Graham
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Larry Dunnell
  • Brian Payton
  • Linda Chan
  • Hung Hsi
  • Der Ping Chou



  • Update on usability work and ripples
  • Need someone to volunteer to test 3.3/3.4 manifest fix to support old lazy start and new bundle-activation-policy properties to make sure we don't break anything. If test goes well, we will create one BZ entry for each sub-project and have someone from each sub-project go through and update the relevant plug-ins accordingly
  • DTP 1.6M7 status (down to 22 set for RC0/M7 milestone from 37, 10 of which are mine)
  • Reminder that commits for M7 will be allowed through the build start time on Tuesday, April 29th by 1:30pm PST -- one week from tomorrow
  • Start going through M7 bugs and bouncing to RC1 if are actual bugs and not feature/API enhancements, otherwise it's time to put them to "future" as the target milestone
  • Thanks for whittling down the # of bugs with no target milestone, please continue to do so
  • Review of bugs with no target milestone set.
  • Open discussion


Action Items