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*Update on DTP 1.5M6
*Update on DTP 1.5M6
*Review [[DTP Committer's page | DTP_Committers_List]]
*Review [[DTP Committer's page | DTP Committers List]]
*DTP Components
*DTP Components
**Apache Derby Conn Profile
**Apache Derby Conn Profile

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  • Update on DTP 1.5M6
  • Review DTP Committers List
  • DTP Components
    • Apache Derby Conn Profile
    • Connection Mgt Framework
    • Driver Mgt Framework
    • JDBC Conn Profile
    • Open Data Access
    • Data Source Explorer
    • Docs
    • Enablement
    • SQL Editor Framework
    • SQL Execution Plan
    • SQL Query Parser
    • DB Definition Model
    • SQL Model
    • SQL Query Model
  • Promotion of DTP provisional API to platform status in 1.5?
  • Individual project status


Action Items