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DTP PMC Meeting, April 29, 2008

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  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Sheila Sholars
  • Linda Chan
  • John Graham



  • Follow up on 227523 ( - have asked Hung to look into it (Fitz)
  • Follow up on MS Open Source Lab meeting (Fitz)
    • new JDBC driver for MSSQL (1.3 or 2.0) coming soon
    • some of the specs may be in the 30,000 pages released to the public
    • setting up contacts within SQL Server/JDBC driver team to help with implementation details
  • Follow up on making ODA templates plug-in optional (John)
  • Discuss when we want a M7/RC0 milestone build per Xiaoying's e-mail
    • According to the timetable of Ganymede ( ), dtp M7/RC0 release will be delivered on May 5th.
    • Since there are only 3 RC0 bugs remain in Bugzilla, if there’s any chance that RC0 candidate build can be posted earlier, would you please let us know? Otherwise, we will post RC0 build on May 5th (SHA time) , upload the update site and update for Ganymede, as we did for M6.
    • Shanghai office is closed between 5.1-5.3. But the build continues to be upload on 5.1-5.2.
  • Discuss John's earlier e-mail this week about bug counts:
    • Just browsing around BZ this morning, crunching numbers for breakfast...
    • DTP 1.6 current has 336 bugs resolved (366 if you count the "invalid" and "wontfix" ones) and 205 open. Of the open, 40 have DTP 1.6 target milestones. Let's assume a reasonable fix and incoming rate for the rest of DTP 1.6. This would mean that we're likely to have around 180 ~ 200 bugs open on DTP 1.6 release day. Let's plug this into the historical trend:
      • DTP 0.7: 13 bugs open on release day
      • DTP 0.9: 19 bugs open on release day (70% increase)
      • DTP 1.0: 40 bugs open on release day (twice as many)
      • DTP 1.5: 90 bugs open on release day (twice as many)
      • DTP 1.6: 190 (est.) bugs open on release day (twice as many).
    • Given some reasonable assumptions about the number of committers available to DTP, their percentages of time for coding, and time/bug fix, then, at the current rate, shortly after the 2010 DTP release, there will be more backlog bugs than can be fixed in the entire next yearly release time frame, even with no further incoming bugs.
    • Is this a bad thing? Maybe or maybe not -- the platform (3.x streams) probably reached this saturation point last year, and I suspect a few other top level projects are in/close to the same situation. Bad within Eclipse Foundation projects? Maybe not. Bad for Eclipse Foundation projects outside Eclipse?
  • Discuss DTP charter change to simplify addition of a committer to two or more subprojects at the same time without going through separate committer elections
  • Open discussion


Action Items

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