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DTP Ganymede Rampdown Policy

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Note that this document will be updated as necessary during the DTP 1.6 ("Ganymede") release.


This document defines a set of rampdown cycles for DTP 1.6. The goal is to ensure that DTP stability and completeness converges on the 1.6 release dates, while allowing mechanisms for changes as necessary. Since this document is about the rampdown, only cycles post DTP 1.6RC0 will be detailed below.

Rampdown Cycle Phases

Testing Pass

A period of testing during which no changes are made to the DTP code line, unless approved by the PMC. Nightly builds will not be produced during this pass. In general, we ask everyone in the DTP community to test the target build as thoroughly as possible.

Testing & Fix Pass

A Testing Pass including bug fixes based on the approval policies described below. Nightly build will be produced during this period as necessary to make bug fixes available to the DTP community.

Rampdown Cycles

Note: Builds and promotion decisions occur on the days noted, at 10EST.

DTP 1.6RC0(M7)

DTP 1.6RC1

DTP 1.6RC2

DTP 1.6RC3

DTP 1.6RC4

Post RC4

Additional RC Builds

Additional RC builds will be scheduled as necessary.

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