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DTP Ganymede Build Instructions

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This document, and its associated build tools archive download, is current as of 11/12/07.


This document describes the DTP 1.6 ("Ganymede") build process. The intention is to enable community-based builds of DTP 1.6 using the current DTP build process. This document is not a substitute for the detailed build instructions contained in the DTP 1.6 build tools archive, nor is it a tutorial for building plug-in distributions using Eclipse. Rather, the goal is simply to introduce the DTP 1.6 build tools archive and answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the DTP 1.6 build process. Finally, this page will be update as new versions of the build tools archive become available and as new content (especially in the FAQ section) is added.

DTP Build Tools

An archive file containing the necessary build tools for DTP 1.6 is available from the DTP download server. Detailed instructions for building DTP 1.6 are found in the pdf document at the root of the build tools archive. Those interested in generating the same DTP 1.6 build bits as what is posted on the DTP download site should obtain and study this archive.


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