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DTP Galileo Planning

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Themes and Priorities

Release Deliverables

Release Milestones

DTP Ganymede is part of the Galileo simultaneous release. As such, our milestones, release candidates, and final release date are determined by Ganymede. DTP is a "+1 dependency" on the Eclipse platform, and the dates of specific milestones can be found here, Milestones and Release Candidates section.

Galileo, like Ganymede, is designed to shrink the lag time between platform milestones and downstream projects as the release approaches. Thus, while DTP is a "+1" dependency at the current time, DTP builds for later platform releases (typically in the release candidate periods) will appear in less than one week from the platform milestone. The DTP PMC interprets the downstream lag as an idealized upper limit, and will seek to make matching DTP builds available as soon as possible after platform milestones, typically with a 24 hour (business day) delay for testing. Hence, if a platform milestone appears on a Friday, DTP will seek to have its corresponding build by the end of the following Monday. Such builds will be designated as Integration builds and subject to further testing past that date. The general disclaimer is that DTP can not guarantee hitting these dates due to bugs that might appear in integration tests and availability of additional dependencies other than the platform (for example, EMF and GEF). Timing of DTP integration and milestones builds are detailed [| here].

Summary Timeline

Target Operating Environments

The build, test, and deployment environments for DTP Ganymede are described here.

Rampdown Policy

Individual Project Plans

Work Items