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DTP Enablement Ganymede Project Plan

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This document details the plan for DTP Enablement in the 1.6 ("Ganymede") release.

Project Description

The DTP Enablement project is a set of components (implemented as Eclipse plug-ins) that specialize core DTP frameworks and tools for specific data sources. Within Enablement you'll find a number of component teams working of data source specializations, including those for popular relational databases and Open Data Access (ODA) drivers. During the DTP 1.6 release, Enablement work will contain both evolution of existing components and addition of new components.

As the locus for specialized data sources in DTP, Enablement is a likely host project for community members wishing to contribute support of desired data sources to DTP directly. The DTP PMC welcomes inquiries about such contributions.


  • IBM
    • DB2 LUW Catalog Loader
  • Sybase
    • Additional DB suppport (TBD)

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