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* ProfileManagerInitializerProvider issue discussed with Larry
==Action Items==
==Action Items==
[[Category:Data Tools Platform]]
[[Category:Data Tools Platform]]

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  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Linda Chan
  • Larry Dunnell



  • APIs for Transient Connection Profiles
    • Add one method to ProfileManager
    • public IConnectionProfile createTransientProfile(String providerID, Properties baseProperties) throws ConnectionProfileException;
    • All other ProfileManager APIs deal with permanent (i.e. non-transient) profiles
    • deleteProfile from ProfileManager could be retooled slightly to understand transient vs. non-transient profiles
    • another option is to simply add another property that indicates that a given profile is "transient". if such a profile is found when the ProfileManager is disposed, it gets discarded
  • Open discussion


  • ProfileManagerInitializerProvider issue discussed with Larry

Action Items

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