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DTP Connectivity Ganymede Project Plan: First Draft

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DTP Connectivity Ganymede


Things to Consider...

  • Ability to pre-populate a connection UI with driver definitions. (This already exists with the ability to auto-create a default instance of a particular driver template at startup.)
  • Provide common interface for selecting existing connection profiles. (This already exists with the ability to host the DSE on a dialog page/composite/wizard/property/preference page where necessary.)
  • Provide best-practices for prompting users when to create new profiles, select existing profiles, and prompt the user for authentication information. Perhaps create code sample to help demonstrate best practices.
  • Ability to inject from a runtime instance of a profile at startup to populate a profile in the DSE. This may be supported already with the repository code.
  • Filtering needs to become much more extensible and flexible. Perhaps split out catalog-loader (SQL-level) filtering from client-level (viewer-level) filtering.
  • Provide extensible encryption capabilities for exporting profiles. Perhaps a new extension point to register an encryption method. Need to research different encryption methods.
  • Provide plug-in wizards to aid driver template and connection profile development.
  • Focus on sorting and see if we can come up with ways to make that work for various levels of the DSE within the Platform's Common Navigator Framework (see if any changes are upcoming for Ganymede)

Connectivity: DSE


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