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DTP Build Environment

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DTP Build Environment

All DTP posted builds will be created using:

  • Eclipse 3.4.2
  • EMF 2.4.x
  • GEF 3.4.x
  • Sun J2SE 1.5

DTP Model Generation and Extension

All DTP models will be created, updated and extended using EMF 2.4. We strongly advise the adopter community to do the same.

DTP Test Environment

The primary test environment for DTP Ganymede will be:

  • Eclipse 3.4.x (latest milestone or release candidate)
  • EMF 2.4 (latest milestone or release candidate)
  • GEF 3.4 (latest milestone or release candidate)
  • Sun J2SE 1.5.0
  • Locale: English (US)

A secondary test environment for DTP will be:

  • Eclipse 3.6 (latest x available)
  • EMF 2.6(latest x available)
  • GEF 3.6 (latest x available)
  • Sun J2SE 1.5.0
  • Locale: English (US)

DTP Supported Platforms

Since DTP is built on Eclipse 3.4, the platforms we support are chosen from the set supported by Eclipse 3.4. In particular, our main VM level is 1.5. The 1.6 VM level is not a target for DTP, though Eclipse 3.6 and DTP appear to work correctly on that version.

DTP will be built and tested primarily on Windows XP. Additional testing, as resources permit, will include the following variations:

  • Use of the IBM Java 1.5/1.6 VM instead of Sun J2SE specified above
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Locales: Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin)

Note that the primary test environment will be used to validate all milestone, release candidate and release builds.

As always, DTP would welcome additional help from the community in testing wider/deeper. Please contact the DTP PMC, if you would like to establish a testing schedule.

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