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DTP 1.9.2 New and Noteworthy

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This page documents the New & Noteworthy features in the DTP 1.9.2 (Indigo SR2) release.

BZ 358686 - Customizable Encryption of Connection Profile Stores

The Connectivity encryption framework encrypts/decrypts an exported connection profile store file by using an embedded encryption key spec by default. Customization of the encryption key spec was not readily accessible.
A new extension point (org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.cipherProvider) is now introduced for adopters to extend the encryption framework, by applying a customized cipher provider for connection profile store files with a registered file extension.

See the Extension Point reference in the Help content under "Data Tools Platform Plug-in Developer Guide" (or the source schema/cipherProvider.exsd in org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity project) for the schema definition and documentation of the new extension point.