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DTP 1.7 M7 New and Noteworthy

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This page documents a few of the things we think are New & Noteworthy for the DTP 1.7 (Galileo) M7 milestone release.

Download the latest 1.7 M7 milestone build [here]. Our M6 candidate will be released as part of the Galileo Release Train on March 23, 2009.

SQL Dev Tools

There's been a ton of work that's gone into SQL Dev Tools for M7.

BZ 217923 - Editor does not inherit from STD text editors - specifically tabs

Now, instead of using a default fixed four-character tab, the SQL Text Editor gets the tab length from the Editor Tab Width preference in Eclipse.

BZ 220318 - sql editor opens by default

A new preference has been added to simplify the process of opening a new SQL file in an editor other than the SQL Text Editor. If you look at Data Management->SQL Development->SQL Editor->SQL Files/Scrapbook, you'll see a new checkbox on the page labeled "SQL file is default opened after creation". If checked (default behavior), any new SQL file will open in the SQL Text Editor as in the past. If unchecked, the file will not be opened and can then be opened in a text editor or the graphical SQL Query Editor.

BZ 231401 - Show the elapsed run time of a SQL

Now when you execute a SQL statement, you'll see the elapsed run time. This should prove quite useful when fine-tuning queries for production.

BZ 246180 - SOE:Lost line focus after saving

Previously when you'd have a SQL file in the SQL Text Editor and used "refresh from server" in the context menu, the cursor would jump to the top of the editor. Now it tries to save the position and restore it after the refresh.

BZ 252005 - UI code should be separated from editor.core plugin

Back in our Ganymede release, we did a lot of refactoring work to separate framework and other plug-ins into UI and non-UI chunks for better encapsulation. In Galileo, the SQL Dev Tools team has done a great amount of work to refactor the SQL Dev Editor framework into UI and non-UI chunks.

BZ 256368 - Multi-page SQL Schema Editor Framework & exemplary implementations for Sybase ASA in enablement project

For Galileo, we have a new extensible SQL Schema Editor Framework and an exemplary implementation for the Sybase ASA enablement project. The schema editor includes schema editors for tables, indices, triggers, views, stored procedures, user-defined types, user-defined functions, and events.

BZ # - Bug description


BZ # - Bug description


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