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DTP 1.7 M5 New and Noteworthy

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This page documents a few of the things we think are New & Noteworthy for the DTP 1.7 (Galileo) M5 milestone release.

BZ 207002 - Add SQLite Support

With BZ 207002[1], we added basic SQLite support. You can now connect to and browse a SQLite database using the org.sqlite.JDBC driver that you can download from the SQLite JDBC page [2]. More work is to be done here, but we have a good initial level of support to start from.

BZ 232925 - Add Ingres Support

With BZ 232925[3], we now have great Ingres support as part of DTP Enablement. Contributed by Ingres, these plug-ins fill a hole that we're happy to have filled.

BZ 250302 - Updated Microsoft SQL Server Support

With help from the community as BZ 250302[4], we now have additional functionality for SQL Server we didn't have in prior releases. Thanks to everyone who provided patches!

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