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DTP 1.6.1 Schedule and Rampdown Policy

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  • 6/23/08 - Draft, to be reviewed by PMC
  • 8/20/08 - Updates, to be reviewed by PMC and then broadcast


This document defines a schedule and set of ramp-down policies for DTP 1.6.1. The goal is to ensure that DTP stability and completeness converges on the 1.6.1 release dates, while allowing mechanisms for changes as necessary.


  • 1.6.1M1 - released August 14, 2008 (Originally July 25, 2008)
  • 1.6.1M2 - August 25, 2008
  • 1.6.1RC1 - September 2, 2008
  • 1.6.1RC2 - September 9, 2008
  • 1.6.1RC3 - September 16, 2008
  • 1.6.1 Release - September 24, 2008
    • Ganymede SR1 release train as a +1 project. Those dates are [here].

1.6.1 calendar 20080820.jpg

Things to Keep in Mind

Builds Reminder

  • Nightly builds take place from Monday to Thursday. Integration builds takes place on Friday.
  • During a test phase, there are no builds. We take the build before the test phase and test it. If we run across extreme issues, we will respin and retest.
  • During the test/fix phase for the RC, we will do regular daily builds. Once we are in the test/fix phase, where PMC approvals are needed, we will not build nightly, but will build as needed (9/5 and beyond).
  • On Push days, we will take the Monday Shanghai build (which is our Sunday at 2pm PST) and if it's good, we will push it to the update site that Monday evening (SH Tuesday a.m.). If things are not good, we will fix the issues and respin the build, taking the respun build and pushing it to the update site.
  • DTP builds will take place at 5am (Shanghai time).
  • In general, builds occur Mon - Fri at 2pm Shanghai time, which is equivalent to Sun - Thu 2pm PST.
  • DTP committers should refrain from updating map files for +/- 30 minutes around the start of the build, to avoid version inconsistencies in the map file set.
  • See the Build Transition page for additional details about regular DTP builds

Integration Builds

Starting on Monday, July 28, and continuing through Tuesday, August 26, the latest available DTP 1.6.1 integration build (done each Friday, as noted above) will be tested for promotion. If no substantial defects are found, then the build will be promoted.

Testing & Fix Pass

A period of intensive testing, including bug fixes based on the approval policies described below. Nightly build will be produced during this period as necessary to make bug fixes available to the DTP community.

Rampdown Cycles

Note: Builds occur on the days noted, at 5am (Shanghai time).

  • 1.6.1M2 build occurs on Monday, August 25, 2008 (SH time)
    • After this build, we will be in a Test and Fix phase and delivering any outstanding bugs
    • We will continue to do RC1 nightly builds during this period
    • All commits must be approved by a component lead
  • 1.6.1RC1 I-build occurs on Friday, August 29, 2008 (SH time)
    • After this build, we will be in a Test and Fix phase and delivering any outstanding bugs
    • We will continue to do RC2 nightly builds during this period
    • If a RC1 respin is required, it will be requested on an as-needed basis
    • All commits must be approved by a team lead
  • 1.6.1RC2 I-build occurs on Friday, September 5, 2008 (SH time)
    • After this build, we will be in a Test and Fix phase only and delivering critical, showstopper bug fixes as necessary
    • There will be no nightly or integration builds during this period
    • If a build is required, it will be requested on an as-needed basis and any respin will be considered our RC3 candidate. If no build is required, the final RC2 candidate will become our RC3 candidate
    • Committers must annotate bugs proposed for inclusion in 1.6.1 with risks and nature of fix
    • Committers must get modifications reviewed by one other committer on project
    • Committers must petition DTP PMC using BZ for inclusion of specific bugs
    • Four positive PMC votes allows modifications to fix a specific bug to be delivered (unless a PMC member is abstaining, in which case all remaining PMC members must still vote positive)
    • Though we would like to have our final RC3 candidate build ready by September 15, we can perform builds as late as September 21st to be ready for EPP packaging on September 22nd. We would prefer to have a RC3 candidate done by September 18th at the latest, but can build (if a critical, showstopper bug appears) as late as September 21st.
  • 1.6.1 Release - September 25, 2008