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DTP 1.5 Development Environment

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As described in the DTP 1.5 build documentation, we are building against Eclipse 3.2.2 (with associated EMF and GEF versions) and a Sun 1.4 VM. The primary test environment is the latest of Eclipse 3.3 (with associated EMF and GEF versions) and a Sun 1.5 VM. We are doing this in an attempt to make DTP 1.5 available on both 1.4/1.5+ VMs and Eclipse 3.2.2/3.3. In order for this to work, all DTP committers must be developing against a Eclipse 3.2.2 target platform with a 1.4 VM. Doing otherwise runs the very real risk (as has been demonstrated by a number of build breakages during 1.5) that Eclipse 3.3 or 1.5 VM features will be used, hence invalidating the code in the build environment. Given the on-going problems in this area, this page is designed to explain how to achieve the required configuration, regardless of your preferred Eclipse development version.

DTP 1.5 Development Environment

You can develop DTP 1.5 using Eclipse 3.2.x or 3.3 (perhaps other versions too, if you wish), but you must be sure to set the proper target platform. The target platform configuration is located in Window-->Preferences...-->Plug-in Development-->Target Platform and looks like:


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