DTP 1.5 Development Environment

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As described in the DTP 1.5 build documentation, we are building against Eclipse 3.2.2 (with associated EMF and GEF versions) and a Sun 1.4 VM. The primary test environment is the latest of Eclipse 3.3 (with associated EMF and GEF versions) and a Sun 1.5 VM. We are doing this in an attempt to make DTP 1.5 available on both 1.4/1.5+ VMs and Eclipse 3.2.2/3.3. In order for this to work, all DTP committers must be developing against a Eclipse 3.2.2 target platform with a 1.4 VM. Doing otherwise runs the very real risk (as has been demonstrated by a number of build breakages during 1.5) that Eclipse 3.3 or 1.5 VM features will be used, hence invalidating the code in the build environment. Given the on-going problems in this area, this page is designed to explain how to achieve the required configuration, regardless of your preferred Eclipse development version.

DTP 1.5 Development Environment