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==Rampdown Cycles==
==Rampdown Cycles==
'''Note:''' Builds and promotion decisions occur on the days noted, at 10EST.
'''Note:''' Builds occur on the days noted, at 10EST.
* '''September 12 (Wednesday):''' DTP 1.5.1 Release Candidate Build
* '''September 12 (Wednesday):''' DTP 1.5.1 Release Candidate Build

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7/17: This document is a draft, and has not been approved by the DTP PMC.


This document defines a set of ramp-down for DTP 1.5.1. The goal is to ensure that DTP stability and completeness converges on the 1.5.1 release dates, while allowing mechanisms for changes as necessary.

Integration Builds

Starting on Wednesday, August 8, and continuing through Wednesday, September 5, the latest available DTP 1.5.1 build will be tested for promotion to Integration Build ("I-Build") status. If no substantial defects are found, then the build will be promoted at 5EST on the Wednesday.

Testing & Fix Pass

A period of intensive testing, including bug fixes based on the approval policies described below. Nightly build will be produced during this period as necessary to make bug fixes available to the DTP community.

Rampdown Cycles

Note: Builds occur on the days noted, at 10EST.

  • September 12 (Wednesday): DTP 1.5.1 Release Candidate Build
  • September 12 (Wednesday) through September 25 (Tuesday): Testing & Fix Pass
    • Committers must annotate bugs proposed for inclusion in 1.5.1 with risks and nature of fix
    • Committers must petition DTP PMC using BZ for inclusion of specific bugs
    • Two positive PMC votes allows modifications to fix a specific bug to be delivered
  • September 26 (Wednesday): Last possible DTP 1.5.1 Build
  • September 28 (Friday): DTP 1.5.1 Release