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  • Eric Cloninger (Motorola)
  • Christian Kurzke (Motorola)
  • Lori Fraleigh (Motorola)
  • Guilherme Frenhani (Motorola)
  • Eric Hildum (Motorola)
  • Gustavo Paula (CESAR)
  • Mauren Brenner (Eldorado)
  • Ruth Soliani (Eldorado)
  • Daniel Franco (Eldorado)
  • Ronnie King (Nokia)
  • Ted Williams (Wind River)
  • Ken Wallis (RIM)
  • Jon Dearden (RIM)
  • Paul Beusterien (Symbian)


  • Rescoping the TmL and MTJ projects.
  • Presentation to the group can be found in the TmL Reviews folder.
  • Discussions were focused primarily around language, tools, and platform neutrality in the frameworks of the code base. There was agreement that frameworks should support the needs of the features and not be the features themselves. As a general rule, Motorola will contribute reference implementations where necessary which will be focused on Android.
  • [Eric] Action to send Paul Buesterien links to TmL presentations from EclipseCon 2009.
  • Next step is to drive Move Review to the Eclipse Foundation. Eric will report back on 10 August meeting with results.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on August 10, 2009

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