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== Archive ==
== Archive ==
* [[DSDP/TML/Archive|Archive]] with older documents
* [[DSDP/TML/Archive|Archive]] with older documents
== Major Code Contributions ==
* [[DSDP/TML/InitialContribution|Initial Contribution]]

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Welcome to the Tools for Mobile Linux (TmL) Project Wiki Page

The Tools for mobile Linux (TmL) project intends to eventually address the complete application development cycle, the initial scope comprises support to multiple build targets, construction of a device emulator framework, and a simulated end-to-end environment to test enterprise applications. See TmL Project Page

Ongoing discussion

This project is now in the incubation stage and is currently soliciting participation and input from the community.



The pages below were created to contain the activity of several small sub-groups created to focus on specific components of TmL.

Component Lead Members Comments
Emulator Framework - - Discontinued
Device Framework Fabio Fantato (Eldorado) TBD
VNC Viewer Daniel Franco (Eldorado) TBD
Simulated end2end environment Mauren Brenner (Eldorado) TBD


Major Code Contributions

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