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== Material Support ==
== Document section ==
=== Tutorial ===
=== Tutorial ===

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TmL- Tools for Mobile Linux Project - Wiki Page


The Tools for mobile Linux (TmL) project intends to eventually address the complete application development cycle, the initial scope comprises support to multiple build targets, construction of a device emulator framework, and a simulated end-to-end environment to test enterprise applications. See TmL Project Page

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Component Committer Owner Status Doc
Common Fabio Fantato Fabio Fantato [1] [2]
Device Framework Fabio Fantato Otavio Ferranti Status Docs
VNC Viewer Daniel Franco Daniel Franco - -
Simulated end2end environment Fabio Fantato Fabio Fantato - -

Component Description Owner Wiki
TmL common framework This component contains the base implementaion of all TmL plugins. It is responsible for log, exception, icon registry and internationalization Fábio Fantato Status
TmL Device framework This component contains the support to Devices and Services plugins Otávio Ferranti Status
TmL VNC Component This component contains the support to VNC protocol. It contains an standalone library and plugins to use this library in a SWT viewer. Daniel Franco Status
TmL Simulated End2End Environment This component provide an environment to integrate and test mobile enterprise applications Fábio Fantato Status
TmL Device Proxy This component provide an Device Proxy support Fábio Fantato and Daniel Franco Status

Document section



  • To see how to run a first demo of TmL using the latest code in CVS, click here


Summaries and Archives

Summary and Major Code Contributions


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