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(Related sites)
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== Related sites ==  
== Related sites ==  
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:left; border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"   
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:left; border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"   
| rowspan="2" | [http://www.eclipse.org/dsdp/tml|Web Site]
| rowspan="2" | [http://www.eclipse.org/dsdp/tml Web Site]
| [http://www.eclipse.org/dsdp/tml/development/bug_process.php|Bug Process]  
| [http://www.eclipse.org/dsdp/tml/development/bug_process.php Bug Process]  
| [http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/dsdp-tml-dev/maillist.html|Mailing List]
| [http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/dsdp-tml-dev/maillist.html Mailing List]
| [http://www.eclipse.org/dsdp/tml/download|Downloads]
| [http://www.eclipse.org/dsdp/tml/download Downloads]
| [http://dev.eclipse.org/newslists/news.eclipse.dsdp.tml/maillist.html|Newsgroups]
| [http://dev.eclipse.org/newslists/news.eclipse.dsdp.tml/maillist.html Newsgroups]

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TmL- Tools for Mobile Linux Project - Wiki Page


The Tools for mobile Linux (TmL) project intends to eventually address the complete application development cycle, the initial scope comprises support to multiple build targets, construction of a device emulator framework, and a simulated end-to-end environment to test enterprise applications. See TmL Project Page

Related sites

Web Site Bug Process Mailing List
Downloads Newsgroups

Phone Meetings




  • To see how to run a first demo of TmL using the latest code in CVS, click here


Component Committer Owner Status Doc
Device Framework Fabio Fantato Otavio Ferranti [1] [2]
VNC Viewer Daniel Franco Daniel Franco - -
Simulated end2end environment Fabio Fantato Fabio Fantato - -
Common Fabio Fantato Fabio Fantato [3] [4]


Summary and Major Code Contributions