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DSDP/TM/Phone Meeting 8-Nov-2006

Dial-in numbers and passcodes have changed for this call only. We'll revert to our regular numbers next month.

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Target Management
Date & Time: Wednesday November 8, 2006 at 1700 UTC / 9am PST
International Dial-in +1 314 655 1411
North American Dial-In +1 877 422 0035
Passcode: 764918#

Invited Attendees

  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber, Ted Williams, Doug Gaff, Michael Scharf, Uwe Stieber
  • IBM - Dave McKnight, Dave Dykstal, Kushal Munir
  • LANL / PTP Project - Greg Watson
  • QNX - Doug Schaefer
  • Symbian - Javier Montalvo
  • ARM - Anthony Berent
  • TI - Dobrin Alexey
  • Motorola - Christian Kurzke
  • Accelerated Technology - Aaron Spear, Mark Bozeman
  • Freescale - Kirk Beitz
  • Montavista - Joe Green
  • Palm Source - Ewa Matejska

Everyone else is free to attend

Actual Attendees

  • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber, Ted Williams, Michael Scharf / Doug Gaff, Uwe Stieber
  • IBM - Dave McKnight, Dave Dykstal

-- * LANL / PTP Project - Greg Watson -- * QNX - Doug Schaefer

  • Symbian - Javier Montalvo

-- * ARM - Anthony Berent -- * TI - Dobrin Alexey

  • Motorola - Christian Kurzke, Ruth Soliani, Maureen

-- Accelerated Technology - Aaron Spear, Mark Bozeman -- Freescale - Kirk Beitz -- Montavista - Joe Green -- Palm Source - Ewa Matejska


  • Recent Download Statistics
RSE 1.0 Download statistics as per 7-Nov-2006
Component M4 M5 RC1 RC2 RC3 RC4
Date 18-Aug 22-Sep 08-Oct 20-Oct 30-Oct 03-Nov
RSE-SDK 4 38 164 177 113 68
rseserver-windows 1 11 70 62 24 34
rseserver-linux 1 6 39 28 19 9
rse.core (Update Site) 66 46 72 28
Total 230 223 185
  • Download Statistics Analysis
    • RC1 was just after the "getting mature" blog (18-Sep)
    • RC2 was just after the "release test" blog (11-Oct); also, 20-Oct was the originally planned release date
    • Most people still prefer the SDK, although the update site is gaining momentum
      • On the update site, 60% get the .jar.pack.gz but 40 % get the .jar file
    • Looking at RC1, Grouping by country is:
      • RSE-SDK: Germany=38, China=26, US=25, France=10, Canada=8, Turkey=7, Austria=6
      • Update Site: US=23, France=10, Sweden=4, Austria=3 China=3, Denkmark=3, Germany=3, Italy=3
      • rseserver: Germany=20, US=19, China=7, France=6, Belgium=6
  • Update on RSE Status
    • All blockers towards RSE 1.0 resolved finally - about files review finally done by emo
    • New TM FAQ on TM and RSE FAQ
    • Project Plan status
      • CDT Launcher now works on dstore as well
      • Jakarta commons-net - working
      • JUnit tests - due to slow legal approval, we now have a framework but no tests yet
    • What's being added in addition to the plan
      • Initial version of Discovery is checked in, now availble in the project.
      • Wind River got its Terminal View through EMO Review, and is now checked in at
      • EFS plugin added as "experimental technology preview"
      • Going to join Europa Simultaneous Release
    • Comments regarding the 1.0 release?
      • Great work - using RSE almost daily (Michael Scharf)
  • Motorola - Christian Kurzke
    • Dev.environment for all Motorola hardware, going Eclipse now (also new TmL project)
    • Interested in contributing towards version 2: bring requirements to the table, TM for cellphones, embedded settop boxes
    • Looks like there is a lot of existing support for Linux workstations; new requirements coming for "bare metal" stuff; Motorola's requirements are somewhere in the middle
      • Maureen to get in closer touch technically
  • Documentation: Which are the best places to start with?
    • ISV docs
    • Eclipse Summit Europe slides
    • Architecture overview from Toronto F2F meeting
    • Use Cases document (old now but still up-to-date -- everybody agreed that this is where we want to get to)
    • Upcoming Tutorial for EclipseCon2007
    • Community's most wanted - who's working on what?
      • Wicked Shell
      • WR Terminalview: Michael Scharf currently heavily refactoring this, such that connection can be exchanged; hopes to be finished in the next few days
      • There is usage for both commandview (line-based text output) and terminalview
      • Plans to extend RSE more to the target? (native agent) FAQ
        • Until recently, the strategy was that companies already have proprietary agents, and they'd write extensions to RSE that integrates with the existing proprietary agent
        • There seems to be field demand for an Open Source agent solution; TPTP already has a Framework for agents; might investigate an integration of RSE with the TPTP agent in the future, rather than developing yet another agent. Symbian thinks about adding this to RSE 2.0
        • TPTP is C++, which might be a problem on some very small devices; but Motorola to look at it
        • Motorola has proprietarty C-based agent now; want an agent framework that can be extended, such that agent extensions (modules) can be downloaded
        • Writing a native C implementation of the DStore agent might also be an option
        • Christian wrote something like an OSGi framework in native code for dynamic loading of modules, might be an interesting starting point
      • Questions? Requests?
  • Communications
    • Will have a RSE
    • Please fill in RSE 2.0 Planning
    • Collaborations with other projects (Platform/Team, PTP, CDT, TPTP, WTP, ECF, Aperi, g-Eclipse)
      • Martin wants Platform/Team to get ssh2 preference page under category "Connections"
      • Javier in contact with ECF for service discovery
      • Michael: DD project has new views for async updates of trees; might be a better view for the RSE tree
  • Technology sub-groups
    • Update on Autodetect (Javier)
      • Currently no plans to extend discovery beyond what's already there; waiting for community input
  • Next Meeting
    • 6-Dec-2006

Action Items to Review

New Action Items

  • DaveD - begin EMO review submission for SSH/Processes patch from MontaVista
  • Everybody - Review and edit the RSE 2.0 Planning page
  • Everybody - Get latest RSE I-builds, sanity-check and verify late bug fixes
  • Maureen to try RSE, review docs, and get in contact with the dsdp-tm-dev list Martin

Next Meeting

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