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=== Next Meeting ===
=== Next Meeting ===
* Next [[DSDP/TM/Committer Phone Meeting 18-Dec-2008]] (2 weeks after)
* Next [[DSDP/TM/Committer Phone Meeting 17-Dec-2008]] (2 weeks after)
* Next [[DSDP/TM/Phone Meeting 7-Jan-2009]] (4 weeks after)
* Next [[DSDP/TM/Phone Meeting 7-Jan-2009]] (4 weeks after)

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Meeting Title: Conference Call on Target Management
Date & Time: Wednesday Dec 4, 2008 at 1700 UTC / 9am PST
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Dial-in: Martin to call everybody by Skype
Interested Parties ping martin.oberhuber on Skype Chat for getting added to the call.

Backup dial-in: International +44 (0)1452 567588 / Freephone +1 (866) 6161738 / UK 08712460713 / Passcode: 0587322148 #

Please be available for Skype Chat in parallel to the call. MartinO will start Skype chat just prior to call.
Skype dial-in: martin.oberhuber, ddykstal (or david_dykstal), david-k-mcknight, kevin.j.doyle, xuan.chen886, eugenetarassov, michael_scharf, uwe.stieber, radoslav.gerganov, wrsfburton, anna_dushistova.

Invited Attendees

This meeting is free for everyone to attend. It's a service of the TM developers and committers to community, fostering exchange of upcoming news, status and asking questions. We specially encourage those people to attend who are actively working on, or have shown interest in TM before:

  • Committers:
    • IBM - Xuan Chen, Kevin Doyle, Dave Dykstal, Dave McKnight
    • Wind River - Martin Oberhuber, Michael Scharf, Uwe Stieber, Eugene Tarassov, Felix Burton
    • ProSyst - Radoslav Gerganov
    • MontaVista - Anna Dushistova
  • Others:
    • LANL / PTP Project - Greg Watson
    • ARM - Anthony Berent
    • TI - Dobrin Alexey
    • Motorola - Maureen Brenner, Fabio Fantato, Daniel Franco, Christian Kurzke, Ruth Soliani
    • Accelerated Technology - Aaron Spear, Mark Bozeman
    • Freescale - Kirk Beitz

Actual Attendees


Last Meetings

Update on RSE Status

TM 3.1

bugs, DSDP/TM/3.0 Known Issues and Workarounds

  • Galileo Simultaneous Release#Requirements For Participation: Participate in Babel (done)
    • Get rid of Platform "internal" usage - IBM Product work hopefully winding down next month, schedule some time in Dec/Jan
    • Build process maturity: repeatable, scriptable, usable by others
    • Basic Capability / Activity definitions
  • Many patches on bugzilla, feel free to commit to 3.1 stream... avoid too many patches

TM 3.0.2

  • Need a fixed date for 3.0.2 -- mid december? - AI DaveM follow up with product team to get exact date
  • Need to release into the Mapfile for M-builds to pick up fixes
  • Testing: give 3 weeks for product teams to test, no official open source testing

Other Stuff

  • bug 238574 Website Revamp? We have a bugzilla "Website" component now
  • Target Communication Framework - DSDP/TM/TCF FAQ available and plan theme, shooting for 1.0 under discussion.
  • Bugs still assigned to 3.0 -- Xuan, DaveD!
  • Abbot pretty much dead -- looking at SWTBot now
  • Unittests, Findbugs?

Individual Status

  • Martin mostly switching to Platform/Core, E4 and EAC and RXTX work. For TM doing bug reviews, releng, and few selected fixes as interesting for WR.
  • DaveD - will look at M3 assigned bugs, product work winding down
  • DaveM - continuing 60% fixes on open RSE
  • Kevin - catching up on backport reviews, fair amount on open RSE
  • Xuan - mostly product work but winding down, helping Kevin on reviews, start looking on own bugs
  • Anna - mostly on generic Terminal / Telnet, but without automatic service creation via adapter (Telnet and SSH only for now)

Community Feedback and Status

  • Community contributions
    • Patrick Juhl - SSH Tunnel - no news. In JSch Session.setPortForwardingL() there seems to be an incompatibility between Eclipse 3.3 and 3.4 (according to JSch mailing list). SSH Tunnel being used by Collabnet Cubit
    • bug 196337 - TM Local Terminal Connector - waiting on fix for CDT Spawner
    • Freescale contributions to be reviewed - bug 247876 apply host to project; bug 247878 systemHostCombo with subsystems; bug 247879 project cache for RSE host settings
    • bug 236205 Generic Display subsystem (as a host for vnc etc)

Technology sub-groups

Vacations, Next Meetings

  • Vacations, away times
    • DaveD, Martin last week of dec and 1st week of Jan
  • Questions

Action Items

Next Meeting

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