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DSDP/TM/JUnittests Framework Documentation

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Hitch-Hacker's Guide to Using and Writing DSDP-TM (aka RSE) JUnit tests

This page is giving a introduction to the usage of the DSDP-TM JUnit tests framework as well as providing How To's and short descriptions of the features available in the framework for JUnit test developers.

Note: The page is under on-going maintenance and will be updated if the framework is changed or extended!

1. Using the DSDP-TM JUnit tests

Using means running the test cases either within a target platform Eclipse or within the currently executing Eclipse instance.

  • If you have no clue what a target platform is or what PDE could mean in the context of Eclipse, section 1.2 is the one to continue with.
  • If you are an Eclipse plug-in writer having the Eclipse JDT and PDE components in use, section 1.1 is the one to continue with.
  • If you are a DSDP-TM contributor or committer running the JUnit test to validate your changes, choose the way you prefer and which seems most efficient to you.

1.1 Launching the DSDP-TM JUnit tests as JUnit Plug-in Test

1.2 Launching the DSDP-TM JUnit tests from within the currently running Eclipse instance

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