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DSDP/RTSC - Performance

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Build time

These benchmarks measure the total time to build an application including the generation of configuration package (which only happens the first time a configuration is created).

BIOS memory example built with BIOS for C64P target, 'whole_program' profile
XDCtools generating configPkg rebuilding configPkg big C compile partial link opt compile app build Total 3s 25s 13s 28s 7s 2s 78s 3s 17s 13s 28s 7s 2s 70s
3.20 with -O0 3s 17s 11s 28s 7s 2s 68s
3.20 with DirectCall 3s 17s 10s 27s 7s 2s 66s
3.20 with DirectCall and -O0 3s 17s 9s 27s 6s 2s 64s

different configurations, XDCtools, 'whole_program' profile
app big C lines modules big C compile time link time
MSP430 local.apps.monitor 8000 18 3s 8s
C64P memory 25000 35 13s 28s
C64P rta 40000 57 24s 55s

Command line tool startup time

These benchmarks measure the time required to start up an java environment, print a message, and shutdown from the command line.

command line tools
XDCtools java tconf xs 0.41s 0.8s 1.3s

Various documents

whole_program build flow diagram

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