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** Scheduled of tutorials 238, 481. Need to fix the authors and descriptions.
** Scheduled of tutorials 238, 481. Need to fix the authors and descriptions.
* [[Galileo_Simultaneous_Release|Galileo]] Train Release
* [[Galileo_Simultaneous_Release|Galileo]] Train Release
** [ Galileo Requirement Status]]
** [ Galileo Requirement Status]
** [ Download link]
** [ Download link]
** DD: what to do with requirements?
** DD: what to do with requirements?

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World Clock

Dial-in Info

  • US: 800-741-0846
  • International: 706-679-9532
  • Passcode: 7817182169#

Invited Attendees

  • Eric Cloninger
  • Doug Gaff
  • Christian Kurzke
  • Shigeki Moride
  • Martin Oberhuber
  • Pawel Piech
  • Dave Russo

New Business

  • Pawel on the PMC
    • DD has moved. What does Pawel want to do?
  • EclipseCon 09
    • M&E Talks
    • Podcast - Eric?
    • Scheduled of tutorials 238, 481. Need to fix the authors and descriptions.
  • Galileo Train Release
    • Galileo Requirement Status
    • Download link
    • DD: what to do with requirements?
    • MTJ: core requirements are missing
    • TmL: missing on download page
    • DSDP Branding (should do for Galileo)
      • One icon to rule them all!!!
      • Doug: Work on a single DSDP icon.
  • Firefly proposal
    • Gunnar is the second mentor. Creation review soon. Vote for Wayne on PMC soon.
    • No updates yet.
  • DSDP Packaging
    • Discuss status and next steps
  • Next Meeting: TBD.

Project Status

  • DD (last mtg)
    • DD 1.1 release, getting ready to move.
  • Firefly
  • Incubator
  • MTJ (last mtg)
    • Train release and roadmap for next year.
    • Sybase is contributing a lot around libraries.
    • Hugo has moved to a new project. He wants to stay engaged on MTJ, but he won't be full time.
    • New engineer assigned to the team. Currently doing bug fixes in preparation for graduating into a committer.
  • NAB (last mtg)
    • IP process on Demo player.
    • No bug fixing in December. Will start up in January.
  • RTSC (last mtg)
    • Not much progress. It's taking longer than he hoped to migrate to Bugzilla and CVS.
    • Need to establish a Key Result Area inside TI (basically an objective) to get some time on Eclipse.
    • Doug and Christian talked about strategies for getting time on Eclipse and getting better management sponsorship.
  • TM (last mtg)
    • 3.0.2 release on Friday.
    • Feature development after that.
    • Really wants to adapt Common Builder technologies. Will be helpful for other DSDP projects.
  • TmL (last mtg)
    • We are finishing work on TmL 0.2, planned for release on or about 14 January 2009. Code freeze is for 19 December 2008 and slides will be available a day or two later. This release will be picked up by Montavista and Motorola.
    • We have announced our intent to join the Galileo release train with TmL 0.3. Toward this we have gone through the requirements for the train and have work items assigned to satisfy them on schedule.
    • We have 2 tech writers assigned to the project presently. They are working on API docs, tutorials, and documenting the reference implementations.

Old Business

  • DSDP Incubator project (no progress or update today)
    • Unanimous approval to create the incubator. (TO DO) Doug: create the DSDP incubator and build the initial website.

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