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== Time ==
== Time ==
[ World Clock]
[ World Clock]
== Dial-in Info ==
== Dial-in Info ==

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World Clock

Dial-in Info

  • US: 800-741-0846
  • International: 706-679-9532
  • Passcode: 7817182169#

Invited Attendees

  • Eric Cloninger
  • Doug Gaff
  • Christian Kurzke
  • Shigeki Moride
  • Martin Oberhuber
  • Pawel Piech
  • Dave Russo

New Business

  • DD 1.1 release vote
  • ESE
    • Quick recap
  • EclipseCon 09
  • [[1]] Train Release
    • NAB?
    • DSDP Branding (should do for Galileo)
      • One icon for all of us.
      • Need a graphic artist. Doug: think about a graphic for DSDP branding.
    • DD
      • Update from CDT meeting
  • Firefly proposal
    • Update on second mentor
  • DSDP Packaging
    • Status update
  • Next Meeting: TBD.

Project Status

  • DD (old)
    • Still working on stabilizing 1.1 for November.
    • CDT project is interested in taking DSF and memory rendering.
  • eRCP (last mtg)
    • Main effort is standardization effort. Things are progressing. Eng goal: spec released at same time as 1.3 release.
    • P3ML interested companies: BandXI, MicroDoc, IST-EU. Who should follow up? (DONE) Doug: get contact info for P3ML interested companies to Mark.
    • Gorkem requested move review, but no feedback yet.
  • MTJ (old)
    • Release review material done for next week.
    • Working on larger project plans with Sybase - preprocessing and roadmap.
    • Working on a press release for MTJ 0.9 release with Nokia and Motorola. (DONE) Christian: Talk to Ian and Craig about getting a quotation from Craig for the MTJ 0.9 press release.
    • China has more than 50% of the downloads. 4500 downloads. Martin has seen something similar.
    • (DONE) Christian: Write up an explanation of the EclipseME transition to MTJ and post on the Web. Explain the version numbering of Eclipse and make a statement about technical maturity of MTJ.
  • NAB (old)
    • Discussion started inside Fujitsu on NAB platform enhancements and opening up.
    • Bugzilla 3.2 Japanese Template - should be coming soon.
    • Japanese work group - will finish Ganymede translation in March. Making a translation platform that will be open source. Babel project knows that they are doing this work. Babel is focused on menu and message. Their translation platform focused on help and other documents.
  • RTSC (last mtg)
    • ese2008: obtained clearance for travel to ese2008 to present RTSC talk
    • Subversive environment: Windows not working well yet. Linux seems to be working, this may be sufficient for now.
    • Transition to bugzilla: got our first bug. Still need to migrate the 100's of existing bugs from ClearQuest to Bugzilla.
    • Transition to newsgroups: posted instructions on all internal lists to use the newsgroup, traffic on internal lists persists, next step is to post scheduled termination of mail lists.
    • IPZilla - still working on submission, will ask for parallel IP.
  • TM (last mtg)
    • 3.1 isn't too exciting. Mostly bugfix work, IBM backporting many 3.1 M3 fixes to 3.0.2 (due late december).
    • Google Summer-of-code CQ approved, will integrate the "Team Synchronization" addition for M4
    • TCF adoption increasing (Anyware-tech, Montavista, Freescale), getting community patches.
    • EFS removed from project plan, which means it's not considered a priority any more. e4 resources promises to fix this.
    • Releng - Nick Boldt / Common Builder (CBI) work ongoing under Dash, TM wants to be an early adopter (some time in december).
  • TmL (last mtg)
    • Released first version of TmL 0.1 on October 10.
    • Plan on releasing TML 0.1.1 this month with some bug fixes needed by MOTODEV Studio.
    • Have submitted a long talk, short talk, and a tutorial session for EC2009.
    • Still no decision on making the change from CVS to SVN.
    • Otavio has investigated TCF as a protocol for transmitting data from /proc filesystem. The results are good, but there is some question about how TCF is built into TM. Otavio had to bring in all of TM to get TCF and he wonders if there is a way to get a smaller part of TM instead.

Old Business

  • Project Plans
  • DSDP Incubator project (no progress or update today)
    • Unanimous approval to create the incubator. (TO DO) Doug: create the DSDP incubator and build the initial website.

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