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DSDP/PMC/MTJatMembersMeeting 21Sept07

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Date: Friday, 21 September 2007 (after Eclipse Members Meeting)
Time: 8:00 am to (+/-) 2:00 pm
Location: Hyatt Woodfield. 1-800-633-7313, ask for the Eclipse block for rate of $169/night.
Conf number: 800-741-0846 (706-679-9532), passcode: 7817182169#

Invited Attendees

  • +Rich Barlett, Nokia Board Rep
  • +Kevin Horowitz, IBM, MTJ committer (by phone)
  • +Andrew Sandstrom, IBM (by phone)
  • +Christian Kurzke, Motorola, TmL project lead
  • +Doug Gaff, Wind River, DSDP PMC lead
  • +Craig Setera, EclipseME lead, MTJ contributor
  • +Samir Nigam, Sybase
  • (Shawn Wallace, RIM - cancelled)
  • +Ken Wallis, RIM
  • +Cassidy Gentle, RIM (phone)
    • Blackberry dev environment
  • +John Edward, RIM (phone)
    • PM dev tools
  • +Thibault Rouffineau, Symbian


(under construction)

  • Introductions
  • Why we're here
    • Blah, blah from Doug
  • Current status of MTJ
    • Nokia is struggling with MTJ. It's no longer a central part of their strategy.
    • Made technical progress on the project, but not so good at building the community. Struggled with openness, transparency, etc.
    • Recognize the importance of MTJ to the foundation.
    • Looking for someone else to lead the project. Someone who needs it commercially.
    • Willing to help with the project.
  • Q&A on MTJ
    • Samir asked about MTJ history, DSDP history
    • Craig explained the history of EclipseME and his participation in MTJ.
      • Unclear to him: how much is MTJ a platform for commercial product and how much is it a user-community tool.
      • Rich: definitely a general topic at the board level: commercial vs. user community.
      • Craig is not a committer. More of a consultant.
      • Craig never designed EclipseME to be an extensible platform.
    • MTJ is at release 0.7. Decent functionality, but not done. A roadmap for 1.0, but no staffing.
    • Some of Craig's concerns were complexity. Too many extensions points.
    • Kevin: we have a wonderful architecture underneath, but there are some areas that need to be cleaned up and we didn't have the flexibility to fix it. We are very close to 1.0. Lots of good potential in the code we have.
    • What are the details in the existing tool? Kevin responds:
      • MIDP - build a project, generate the resources, jad and manifest.
      • Hooks to deploy to a device. Only Nokia devices currently.
      • A little bit of visual editing for MIDP
      • Cross debugging.
      • Pre-verify for MIDP
      • For non-MIDP, no deploy.
      • No I18N.
    • Craig: a first released needs to be focused and get out the door.
    • Christian
      • UEI sdk - defines how an sdk can be called from an GUI
      • Mot released a (sort of) UEI compliant sdk, but they had to modify EclipseME to support it. They redistributed EclipseME.
      • For latest MOTODEV Studio, they looked at both EclipseME and MTJ (1 year ago). MTJ wasn't mature enough, and Mot really just needed basic functionality. They worked to get their sdk to work with an unmodified EclipseME. There are few things he'd like to change, but it's a good start.

  • Commercial needs from JME tooling
  • Open source needs from JME tooling
  • Roadmap discussion
  • Project leadership
  • Project contributions

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