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DSDP/PMC/Board Report 2008

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The Eclipse Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) Project is an open source collaborative software development project dedicated to providing an extensible, standards-based platform to address a broad range of needs in the device software development space using the Eclipse platform. DSDP is a top-level container project that includes several independent technology sub-projects focused on the embedded and mobile space.

Quick Project History

  • Founded March 2005 by Wind River
  • 2005: 2 founding projects: DD and TM.
  • 2006: 4 new proejcts, 1 moved proejct: MTJ, NAB, TmL, NAB created. eRCP moves to DSDP.
  • 2007: 1 proposal, 1 reboot, 2 projects on train: VPP proprosed, MTJ rebooted. TM and DD on train.
  • 2008: 1 new proejct, 1 project move, 3 projects on train: RTSC created, eRCP to move to RT project. TM, DD, NAB on train.
  • 2009: 3-5 projects on train, 1 new proposal likely: TM, DD, NAB on train. MTJ, TmL hoping to be on train.

Current Stats

  • Committer counts are mostly "active" and "participating". We've already paired down our committer lists, and in general the inactive committers are left on the roles for continued component maintenance. As with most projects, committer lists are very fluid.
  • Total: 45 committers, 10 active companies.
  • DSDP (top-level) - 1 PMC lead, 5 companies on PMC (Wind River, IBM, Motorola, Fujitsu, TI)
  • DD - 7 committers, 3 companies (Wind River, Ericsson, ARM)
  • eRCP - 9 committers, 2 companies (IBM, Nokia)
  • MTJ - 5 committers, 2 companies (Motorola, individual)
  • NAB - 2 committers, 1 company (Fujitsu)
  • RTSC - 5 committers, 1 company (TI)
  • TM - 11 committers, 4 companies (Wind River, IBM, MontaVista, ProSyst)
  • TmL - 5 committers, 1 company (Motorola, another coming soon)

Board Reports for the 7 projects in DSDP

Future Projects

  • VPP - SystemC tooling in a DSDP Incubator project
  • Proposal coming soon for tooling for an industrial processing language.

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