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DSDP/MTJ/Tests/1.0RC2 Testing

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This is the coordination page for MTJ 1.0 RC2 testing effort. The build candidate will be on Friday, May 22nd. Please sign up here for testing particular features.

Organization and Sign up

This is the first organized testing effort for MTJ project. Please before start testing, make sure to fully read the Test Instructions

The tests are available here

In the bottom, there is a list of features that are signed up to be tested. You may add your name to the Signup matrix below and filling the MTJ feature column with the feature(s) you would like to test. Thanks for your support.

Signup Matrix

Tester Name (Company) Client Platform MTJ Feature Comments
Edson Lima (CESAR) Windows XP SP 3 - none
Edwin Marinho (CESAR) Ubuntu 8.04 - -
Your name here
Your name here
Your name here
Your name here
Your name here
Your name here

List of available features / functionalities

  • Product specific pages (Preferences, Device Management, Editors, New Midlet Project, Over the Air, Packaging, Obfuscation, Preverification and Sign)
  • Import Device Wizard
  • Device Editor
  • Midlet Project (includes New MIDlet Project Wizard, New Java ME MIDlet Wizard and New Java ME MIDlet From Template Wizard)
  • Project Properties (includes Library, Signing, Obfuscation, Packaging, Preverification)
  • Product Editors (JAD, Localization Data, Java and Build editors)
  • Project's Context Sensitive Menu
  • Run/Debug Dialog
  • Localization Support
  • Documentation (User Docs, Legal)
  • Create projects with different configurations and check if the build is working properly
  • Select different files for different configurations and check if the package are created as expected
  • Test if the preprocessing is working properly