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DSDP/MTJ/Requirements/Signing/keystore management

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This section lists the main core requirements for the Keystore Management feature.

ID: sign:FR001 - MTJ shall define an extension point where third parties can add third party APIs' security permissions to MTJ permission set.

Description: MTJ uses a set of security permissions to sign mobile applications, these permissions are defined by the mobile APIs. The standard APIs' permissions are shipped on MTJ, although there must be a way for third party vendors to add their APIs' security permissions to MTJ. In order to make their permissions available for developers to sign their applications the extension point must be extended.

Priority: 1

Owner: David Marques

Status: Proposed on 02-Mar-2009

Community Review: TBD

Related Bugs: TBD

User Interface

This section lists the main User Interface requirements for the Keystore Management feature.

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