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DSDP/MTJ/Requirements/Multi-Configuration Support

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ID: Multi-Config: FR001 - Configuration data format & persistence

Description: Each MTJ Java ME project should store the multi-configuraton (multi-device) meta data. We should define the data format and persistence the data. 1. Data format: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mtjMetadata jad="Tedst.jad" version="0.9.0.qualifier"> <signing signProject="false"/> <configurations> <configuration active="true" name="A910"> <device group="MOTODEV SDK for Java(TM) ME" name="A910"/> <symbolSet> <symbol name="CLDC" value="1.1"/> <symbol name="JSR82" value="1.0"/> </symbolSet> </configuration> <configuration active="false" name="S40_5th_Edition_SDK_Feature_Pack_1"> <device group="Series 40 5th Edition SDK, Feature Pack 1" name="S40_5th_Edition_SDK_Feature_Pack_1"/> <symbolSet> <symbol name="screen.isTouch" value="false"/> <symbol name="WMA" value="2.0"/> </symbolSet> </configuration> </configurations> </mtjMetadata> As the xml file shows above, a project meta data file contains several configurations, each configuration contains a device and a symbolSet. One and only one configuration is "active".

2. Data persistence: We use MTJ J2ME project meta data file (.mtj file) for configuration data store. We remove the former <device> element of the file, add <configurations> element to the file.

Priority: 1

Owner: Feng Wang


   Proposed: 20-Oct-2008

Community Review: TBD

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