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(Requirement Categories)
(Requirement Categories)
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* Signing
* Signing
** [[DSDP/MTJ/Requirements/Signing/key store management|Key Store Management]]
** [[DSDP/MTJ/Requirements/Signing/key store management|Keystore Management]]
* [[DSDP/MTJ/Requirements/Non Functional|Non Functional Requirements]]
* [[DSDP/MTJ/Requirements/Non Functional|Non Functional Requirements]]

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MTJ aims at providing an eclipse extension that enables the development of Java ME Applications. Current requirements are divided into 5 main categories.

Adding A New Requirement

If you want to add a new requirement, please use the template that is presented on the end of the page and the requirement to the corresponding group. If you are not able to match the requirement to any of the groups, please add it to "Others".

Requirement Categories

Each categories is listed below and has its own page with all its requirements.

Requirement Template

Requirements Template