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There are six scripts available in the scripts folder of the org.eclipse.mtj.releng plug-in.

All these scrips use the bootstrap build.sh available in the org.eclipse.mtj.releng plug-in root.


Usage :

setup.sh [-buildId name] [-metadata] [-revision tag] [-publish [-outputDirectory directory]] [-updateSite [-updateSiteDirectory directory]] [-notify] [-sign] [-runTests] M|N|I|S|R"

Nightly scrips

Used to generate an official build and publish it in the download server under /home/data/httpd/download.eclipse.org/dsdp/mtj/downloads/drops/ and create an update site at /home/data/httpd/download.eclipse.org/dsdp/mtj/updates/0.9/NightlyBuilds/

Developer scrips

Used to run the same process of an official build, but, instead of publish it in the download server, it copy the resulting drop to /opt/public/dsdp/mtj/test/drops/ and create an update site at /opt/public/dsdp/mtj/test/drops/update/