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DSDP/MTJ/Phone Meeting 16-January-2009

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Conference Call Details

Meeting Title: Mobile Tools for the Java Platform Conference Call
Date & Time: 5PM PDT Time [Click here for you local time]
US Toll free: +1-877-825-8522
Int'l or US Toll: +1-702 495-1500
Brazil: 0800-891-6634
China North: 10800 7130937 / South: 10800 1300921
Passcode: 9190565826#

Proposed Agenda

Conference Agenda:

  • Current DSDP MTJ Status
    • Release 0.9.1 done
      • Added more features than expected. JUnit support added in addition to the 3 planned features.
    • MTJ is integrated into Galileo build
      • We will get
      • Now Galileo on official update server
      • Part of nightly Galileo build.
      • Preprocessor support currently not working, may be because of changes in Equinox/OSGi framework. Craig to check with OSGi team. Christian to check on Bug# 116143 with JDT
    • Still need to work with some of Galielo requirements (possible issues: only use published APIs; use Eclipse Babel localization system)
      • We are using some "private" (in-official) API's in MTJ, which may conflict with Train requirements. There is an API tool for this.
      • Worst case we need to use "supported" APIs, or ask for an exception from Galileo Project Management
      • Gustavo, run tool, and open bugs to address those issues.
    • Need to work with Babel to make sure they import our property files
    • Close Bug for CQ's. We dont expect any more contributions in the Galileo timeframe.
    • Good download numbers
    • Three talks accepted on next EclipseCon
  • Review current list of DSDP MTJ committers
  • MTJ 1.0 Questions
    • Which features are important?
      • GUI Editor, Templates, Signing improvements, JDT Preprocessor, Resources based on configurations, Galileo Requriements
    • Should MTJ 1.0 still support ganymede or just galileo?

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