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[edit] Attendees

  • Kevin Horowitz, IBM
  • Craig Setera, EclipseME
  • Arto Laurila, Nokia
  • Rauno Seppälä, Nokia
  • Stanley Apogee

[edit] Notes

[edit] Schedule

Let's fill in Target Milestones to wiki Release 2 Planning in order to see the content for M1. If it looks there isn't feasible content, we may consider to reschedule M1 or merge it with M2.

[edit] Status of feature list

Release 2 Planning has been cleaned and added a new field: Target Milestone. Purpose of it is to plan milestone contents

[edit] Status of use cases

UI Designer UCs have been reformulated, that is, everything can be found from one page

[edit] Content of M1

Let's start to plan via Release 2 Planning using Target Milestone field.

[edit] Fragmentation

Agreed approach: MTJ community starts discussion with three open source parties:

  • EclipseME (Craig Setera) [1]
  • Antenna (Jörg Pleumann)[2]. Jörg has already stated his interest towards MTJ.
  • AntME (Kevin Hunter)[3],

with an idea to reuse code from them and provide noncommercial fragmentation solution.

For commercial parties MTJ will provide APIs and support to make their own plugins.

[edit] AOB

Arto needs help for UI planning (Runtime Platform), and will prepare a summary that highlights weak areas.

JavaPolis - Arto's short online report

  • How to combine EE projects with MTJ?
  • How to support different vendor's emulators?

Jörg Pleumann from Antenna [4] is interested in to participate to MTJ

Craig's fragmentation document to Wiki page -> AP: Rauno

Let's discuss open issues via mailing list before next meeting

[edit] Next meeting

  • Next one on the 11th of January, 2007 due to holiday season

[edit] Action Points


AP: Rauno to put Craig's fragmentation document to Wiki page
AP: Arto to provide a summary of areas that he needs help


AP: Kevin to provide Use Cases. ONGOING
AP Rauno: Provide two weeks commenting time for UI and Flow Designer cases, then officially approve them. ONGOING:
This will continue as readabilty of wiki pages wasn't good enough.
AP: Rauno to clean extra comments from feature list wiki page. CLOSED
AP: Rauno to reformulate UI Designer Use Case pages. CLOSED
AP: Rauno to make a summary of all these to mailing list (conferences). CLOSED