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===Status of feature list===
===Status of feature list===
===Status of use cases===
===Status of use cases===
===Content of M1===

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  • Kevin Horowitz, IBM
  • Craig Setera, eclipseME
  • Arto Laurila, Nokia
  • Rauno Seppälä, Nokia


Status of feature list

Status of use cases

Content of M1


Action Points


AP: Rauno to clean extra comments from feature list wiki page.
AP: Rauno to reformulate UI Designer Use Case pages
AP: Kevin to provide Use Cases
AP: Rauno to make a summary of all these to mailing list (conferences)


AP Rauno: Provide two weeks commenting time for UI and Flow Designer cases, then officially approve them. ONGOING: This will continue as readabilty of wiki pages wasn't good enough.

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