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Target Management
Target Management
*Arto to find out and
*Arto to find out support from S60 and Symbian for Target Management

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[edit] Attendees

  • Stanley Gambarin, Apogee
  • Kevin Horowitz, IBM
  • Arto Laurila, Nokia
  • Rauno Seppälä, Nokia

[edit] Notes

some relevant notes from previous minutes left here, as they still apply

[edit] Schedule

Let's fill in Target Milestones to wiki Release 2 Planning in order to see the content for M2.

[edit] Status of feature list

No changes

[edit] Status of use cases

No Changes

[edit] Content of M2


MTJ static info

Generic SDK

Support for multiple devices? (Check from Arto)

Let's continue to plan via Release 2 Planning using Target Milestone field.

[edit] Fragmentation

Fragmentation requires some changes to JDT. Discussion how this could be handled.

  • EclipseME has done it in different way.
  • byte code onfly
  • not the best possible solution
  • Should be solved somehow, as others are able to do it: NetBeans, JMEPolish
  • JDT team is reluctant to make needed changes
  • MTJ proposal for preprocessing-JDT should be done
  • Where preproseccing touches: editor, debugger, compiler
  • Enough Software should be get into loop to discuss about the solution
  • Craig will reopen the bug report in Bugzilla

[edit] AOB


  • midlet sample code
  • Arto to send examples


  • more or less in idle mode-> a challenge to get anything new.
  • code generation is difficult part to understand

Possible resolutions:

  • snapshot of current VE and continue development inside MTJ
  • totally new implementation
  • plenty of time and resources are needed

New Meeting Time

A new calling number

  • Old one will be valid to the end of March

Target Management

  • Arto to find out support from S60 and Symbian for Target Management

[edit] Next meeting

  • Next one on the 22nd of February, 2007

[edit] Action Points


AP: Arto to provide a summary of areas that he needs help, ONGOING
AP: Kevin to provide Use Cases. ONGOING
AP Rauno: Provide two weeks commenting time for UI and Flow Designer cases, then officially approve them. ONGOING:
This will continue as readabilty of wiki pages wasn't good enough.