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Current Extension Point List

We currently have the following list of Extension points:

  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.api
    • Representation of an Java ME application programming interface (API). In general, an API will be wrapped up within the definition of a JSR.
  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.configurations
    • Provides a listing of supported Java ME Configurations.
  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.deviceImporter
    • Provides a means for registering new types of device importers
  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.profiles
    • Provides a listof supported Java ME Profiles.
  • org.eclipse.mtj.core.library.MIDletLibrary
    • Define the concept of MIDlet suite library. An external library (not JSR from SDK) that may be used in a midlet. For example a Database Access support library.
    • Registering an editor for use in editing a device from the device management user interface.
  • org.eclipse.mtj.ui.venderSpecJADAttributes
    • Add the some JAD attributes to a specific JAD editor page
  • org.eclipse.mtj.ui.jadEditorPages
    • Add the some JAD editor pages to the JAD editor.

Refactory Suggestions

    * Are we the only ones that implements this E.P?
    * Is it really necessary? since the UEI standard provides a way to gather the APIs from a SDK's device
    * The skeletonFile element is not used anymore
      Does these are really necessary? we are the only ones that implements it, 
      and the values are very standardized, we could use directly from the code. It only works 
      for MIDP/CLDC projects anyway. 
       We could merge this two E.P. we always implement both of them to add a new
       page anyway. 

Other Options, Opinions, etc

  • Please, contribute...

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