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=== [[DSDP/MTJ/Requirements|General Requirements]] ===  
=== [[DSDP/MTJ/Requirements|General Requirements]] ===  
=== [[DSDP/MTJ/Tests|Tests]] ===
=== [[DSDP/MTJ/Tests|Tests]] ===
=== [[DSDP/MTJ/UserDocs|User Documentation]] ===
=== [[DSDP/MTJ/Developer_resources|Developer Resources]] ===
=== [[DSDP/MTJ/Developer_resources|Developer Resources]] ===

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Device Software Development Platform / Mobile Tools for the Java Platform

Welcome to the Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ) Project Wiki.
These pages are meant as an open, collaborative platform for discussions and exchanging ideas.
For official information and documents, see the Official DSDP-MTJ Website.

MTJ Reboot

MTJ was rebooted in the beginning of this year. the project is now working on the 0.10 release that aims at providing at least the same functionality that is currently available on EclipseME


This section list some topis that need to be discussed inside MTJ Project. For each topic that one specific wiki page. Feel free to edit each page and add your contribution to the discussion.

MTJ Requirements

MTJ Refactoring

Planning & Minutes

For each release that is planned on MTJ, it is necessary to add a separated WiKi page that details its scope. Currently there is only the Release 0.9 Plan.

MTJ 0.9 Plan

Post 0.9 Plan

Galileo Train Gap

Current Status

Meeting Minutes

Summary Report to the Board 2008


This section lists the main requirements that are supported on MTJ (both functional and non functional) and after that details each use case. Besides that the test procedures that should be used on MTJ are also detailed here.

DSDP/MTJ 0.9.0 Release Review v1.0 (pdf; ppt)

MTJ 1.0 Ramp Down Plan

General Requirements


Developer Resources

MTJ 0.7 WiKi (before reboot)

There was a lot of content produced on MTJ before the project as rebooted. All this content is linked from this WiKi page. We don't plan to maintain this content and it is listed here mostly for reference

MTJ Wiki

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