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* [[DD 1.0 M7 Testing]]
* [[DD 1.0 M7 Testing]]
* [[DD 1.0 RC1 Testing]]
* [[DD 1.0 RC1 Testing]]
* [[DD 1.0 RC2 Testing]]

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This is the main page for manual testing effort in DD project. Unlike many other projects, DD was not founded with a large contribution (with the possible exception of IP-XACT editor), but rather it's features and code base grew organically. Likewise, as of 1.0 Milestone 3 build, DD project does not have any regular testing that is performed. In order to ensure that we can deliver a quality 1.0 release we need to grow our test plan to cover all of the DD features, and to start testing our milestones and release candidates systematically.

Test Instructions

Test Signup

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