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DSDP/DD/Phone 4-Oct-2006

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Call Info

Meeting Title: Conference Call on Device Debugging
Date & Time: Wednesday 4 October 2006 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT
USA tool free dial-in: 800-741-0846
International dial-in: 706-679-9532
Passcode: 7817182169#

Agenda and Minutes

  • Build workshop - Ted
  • Wind River Debugger Services Framework (DSF) contribution update - Pawel
    • Planning the detailed Europa milestone plan
    • Doug is working on IP issues between SPIRIT schema and the EPL code that implements it.
      • Update from a conversation with Chris Lennard.
        • 1. Specification: Grab from SPIRIT website.
        • 2. Schema (*.xsd) files: TBD
        • 3. Java / C tooling for editing IP-XACT xml files, parsing them, debugger implementations using them, etc: EPL-licensed code living in Eclipse CVS
    • Additional updates from Aaron / Anthony on SPIRIT Debug Working Group. Old action: Anthony will distribute a new requirements document before the meeting based on Aaron's original document.
  • Subgroup updates
    • Views - multi-context, pin/clone, update policy
    • Memory - Anything new to report?
      • Bug fixes on Ted's renderer - Ted
    • Launch
      • Extending what Nokia did to improve user experience around launch configurations (follow up from CDT meeting) - Pawel
      • Last mtg AI: Alan will follow up with Pete Update?
    • Other stuff - any updates?
      • Breakpoints
        • Bugzilla entry
        • TI will contribute what they've done so far. Update?
        • Freescale will post specs. Update?
        • Nokia will contribute "fancy breakpoint" capabilities. Update?
          • Just shipped with their product. Will be demo'd at the CDT meeting, and ready to contribute after that. Ken will look at compatibility with both CDT and DSF.
      • Pawel: review breakpoints and disassembly and make a proposal for integraiton with DSF to this group. Update?
      • Registers - Anything new to report?
        • Defer until DSF is further along?
      • Expressions/Variables - Anything new to report?
        • Defer until DSF is further along?
      • Debug Console
        • WR terminal view completed due diligence. Going into tm.core.
        • Ted to investgiate debug console next.
        • Darin: should this be in the platform at some point? Doug: I think it could live there at some point.
        • AI: Darin to look at terminal view. Darin to look at the spawner in CDT.
      • Editor/Disassembly
        • Last Mtg AI: Mikhail will research whether disassembly can subclass from editor part instead of view part.
      • Debug view
        • Paul, are you out there?
        • AI: Patrick to talk to Paul
      • Source Lookup
        • Defer until DSF is further along
  • Face-to-face meeting?
    • Focus on DSF implementations / questions. Start talking about custom view content and multi-core implementations.
    • Suggestion: 15-16 November
    • Pete is offering the Toronto location for the meeting.


  • Doug Gaff, WR
  • Darin Wright, IBM
  • Alan Boxall, IBM
  • Mark Melvin, AMI
  • Patrick C, TI
  • Pawel Piech, WR
  • Randy Rohrbach, WR
  • Doug Schaefer, QNX
  • Ted Williams, WR
  • Anthony Berent, ARM
  • Ken Ryall, Nokia

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