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= Rough plans for meeting - please ignore until this message is removed =  
== Minutes ==
== Agenda ==
* General topics
* General topics
** Next Meeting: Wed, Aug 2, 10 am PT
** Next Meeting: Wed, Aug 2, 10 am PT

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  • General topics
    • Next Meeting: Wed, Aug 2, 10 am PT
    • WR contributions - see [email]
  • Technology subgroup updates
    • Doug's comments
      • Most groups are making progress on requirements. A few groups don't have anything: Debug View, Launching, Source Lookup. Are the group owners unable to work on these?
      • Lots of dsdp-dd-dev discussion on Memory, Debug Model, Editor, Breakpoints, and Disassembly
        • As we talk about updates, we should talk about next steps for prototyping. Doug's questions:
          • What technology items are dependent on the debug model? It seems taht these items are waiting somewhat until WR's model implementation can be contributed.
          • How can we make the changes generic so that they can work with CDT's current debug implementation and the proposed DD implementation?
    • Debug view - Paul Gingrich
      • Progress?
      • Doug G to contact Paul to see if TI is still interested in leading
    • Memory - Samantha Chan
      • See Wiki for subgroup meeting notes.
      • Next steps?
        • Another call soon for progress.
        • John C - address space support patch to CDT. Samantha supporting in memory view.
        • 3.3 plans - please get feedback to Samantha ASAP
    • Expressions & Variables - Ken Ryall
      • No change from last meeting?
      • Next steps?
    • Registers - Kirk Beitz
      • Comments posted on Wiki
        • Next steps?
        • Doug G and Aaron - would like to prototype against SPIRIT data files.
    • Breakpoints - Ewa Matejska
      • Comments posted on Wiki
      • How does Nokia's proposal fit in with two debug models? Nokia's status?
        • Ken owns. John has seen this working. Ewa will follow up with Ken.
      • Freescale's HW Breakpoint implementation plans? (From email thread)
        • John says someone is working on this now. He will follow up Ewa.
      • How useful is setting address breakpoints?
        • Multiple folks say they could use.
      • Next steps?
        • Ewa to organize a sub-call: Pawel, Ewa, John, Mikhail, Ken, Allan
        • Action breakpoints - probably a platform feature
        • HW breakpoints - probably a CDT feature
    • Console - Aaron Spear
      • Comments posted on Wiki
      • WR terminal view contribution approved - working on internal cleanup now.
      • Aaron needs someone else to take this over
      • Aaron thinks there are changes needed to the platform first. Then there can be a DD implementation.
      • Mentor ships a console independent of the Eclipse console view.
      • Freescale is creating a debug console in the next few months.
      • IBM ships a console as well.
      • Seems to be a lower priority for most companies right now. So the recommendation is to get the WR contribution in open source and then figure out how to architecturally bring multiple console implementations together.
    • Disassembly - Patrick Chong (not present)
      • Comments posted on Wiki. Lots of dsdp-dd-dev discussion.
      • Seems to be some overlap with Editor
      • Ewa to organize a call with Patrick, Pawel, others. Perhaps do a demo of WR disassembly view.
    • Views - multi-context, pin/clone, update policy - Darin Wright
      • See 3.2.1 stream for some fixes to viewers.
      • Official plan for Eclipse Platform 3.3 is coming out in a couple of weeks.
        • First priority is to get provisional API's as public.
        • Next will be features
        • Only a 2 person team for this release, so resources are limited.
        • Proposal for pin/clone posted - see Wiki
          • Biggest change is knowledge of scope. Shouldn't change any exist API's.
          • Pawel will write up some comments. Everyone else: please review and comment ASAP.
    • Debug Model - Pawel Piech
      • Prototype to be committed before next meeting
    • Launching - Pete Nichols (absent)
      • Progress?
    • Editor - Ewa Matejska
      • See disassembly comments
    • Source Lookup - Pawel Piech
      • No progress yet. Will work on after debug model implementation is committed.
    • SPIRIT - Aaron Spear
      • "SPIRIT for Debug" Steering group created. ARM may have a first pass.
      • GDB XML files?
      • Next steps (from Aaron's email)
        • Document exactly what areas of SPIRIT need to be extended for our purposes. This should be easy since Anthony already did this in the requirements doc.
        • Draft a spec with our proposed extensions and create working examples of them.
        • Create tools that use the extensions
        • Propose these extensions formally to be incorporated into SPIRIT
      • Aaron to touch base with ARM.


  • Pawel Piech, WR
  • Darin Wright, IBM
  • John Cortell, Freescale
  • Aaron Spear, Mentor
  • Ted Williams, WR
  • Chris Recoskie, IBM
  • Samantha Chan, IBM
  • Alan Boxall, IBM
  • Mikhail Khodjaiants, free-agent
  • Doug Shaeffer, QNX
  • Eva Matejska, PalmSource

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