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This is the Memory View Technology Sub-group

Lead: Samantha Chan (IBM)
Members: Ted Williams (WR), Freescale, AMI

Potential Post-3.2 Work Items

[Memory View] Support for Save, Load and Fill functions in table renderings Bug 100080
Support for exporting and importing memory blocks to/from external files.

[Memory View] Support for disjoint memory Bug 117498
On some platforms, the system may have large chunk of memory that is not accessible. The Memory View currently displays "non-readable" memory as question marks. It would be nice if the rendering can hide memory that is not readable.

[Memory View] Allow the Memory View to run without an active debug session Bug 132903
The Memory View has always been tightly coupled with the Debug View. The view assumes that there is a debug session running and listens for certain debug events for updates. With the introduction of debug context manager, we should look at decoupling the Memory View from the Debug View and remove assumptions on having a debug session. This allows other tools to make use of the Memory View without writing a debugger. (e.g. reading a dump file)

Better Support for Multiple Memory Views
There can be more than one memory view opened. However, there is no way to pin its content to a certain debug context. We need to investigate how we can better handle multi-views scenarios.

Update Policies in Memory View
The table renderings provided by the platform supports updates policies. One can customize how/when a rendering should be updated. It would be nice to investigate how we can take advantage of the update policy support in the Memory View.

More Interesting Memory Renderings
The platform provides a set of renderings that display a memory block in the traditional table format. We can look at representing a memory block in some other interesting formats. (gif, bar graphs, etc.)
Possible rendering: disassembly rendering in the Memory View Bug 27892

Address Space Support in Memory View
The platform supports address space using flexible hierarchy, retargettable actions and allowing clients to customize labels in the view. Models that need to support address space should consider using the new features to better present address space information. For example, CDT should consider providing address space suport by taking advantage of the new features and allowing its clients to present address space information to the Memory View. In addition, we should also look at the current debug framework and determine if additional enhancements are required. (e.g. do we need new APIs?) Bug 114528

This is just a list of things that I can think of looking at the bug list. I would update as I gather more feedback.

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