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DSDP/DD/DSF Phone 24-July-2008

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Location & Time

Thursday, July 24th, 10:30 AM (EDT)


  • (WRS) Pawel, Ted, Randy
  • (Ericsson) Marc
  • (Nokia) Ken Ryall

Topics/Bugs to cover

  • Handling of --thread option vs. -thread-select.
    • Will revisit the question after Francois can come back to non-stop work.
  • Context vs extra parameter (MIVarCreate vs MIThreadInfo)
    • Context determines the context in which the command should be evaluated, not for carrying information about command parameters.
  • Compatibility issue of bug 237556 comment #23
    • We do need to maintain backward compatibility, even on methods which are event listeners.
  • ServiceFactory for GDBControl, which is not an IDsfService bug 237556 comment #23
    • Service factory should be used to create the command control, even though the interface itself is not a service.
  • Adding IThread as parent when creating IExecution
    • Threads should be used as parents to the execution contexts, so they need to be created by the MIProcesses service.
  • Adding multiple parents in DMContexts adds complexity to: equals (order, duplicates), toString (duplicates and same-level), hashcode (duplicates), toList (duplicates, order)
    • Need to add a toSet() method which will return an depth-ordered set of elements of an element. The toString() could then use it.
  • DSF interfaces not containing create*, can*, how come?
    • IProcesses should include the can* methods, it should not include the create* methods as those can be architecture dependent.

Outstanding Action Items

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