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DSDP/DD/DD 1.1 ProjectPlan


The DD project is not yet committed to a 1.1 release, this is just a proposal.

Release Deliverables

Device Debugging project a host to development of features not covered by any other project as well as a forum for discussing and driving features in other projects, namely Platform and CDT. The deliverables are separated by the sub-project responsible for the given deliverable.

    • IPXACT Editor & Checker (downloadable)
  • Memory
    • Traditional Memory Rendering (downloadable)
  • DSF
    • DSF SDK (downloadable)
      • Service and concurrency APIs, base implementations, and utilities
      • Debugger services' interface definitions
      • Implementation of Platform and CDT APIs to populate debugger views with data from DSF debugger services.
  • GDB/MI
    • GDB Debugger (downloadable)
      • Base classes for a debugger implementation based on generic GDB/MI protocol back end.
      • Debugger implementation based on GNU GDB back end.
    • GDB Launch (downloadable)
      • Launch configurations for the GDB debugger.
  • Disassembly
    • Sub project work to be delivered as part of CDT.
  • Multi-Context
    • Sub project work to be delivered as part of Eclipse SDK.

Release Milestones

Since this is an off-train release and all dependencies come from Ganymede release, we can pick the milestone dates as we see fit.

Milestone Date
1.1 M1 Friday Jul. 17, 2008
1.1 M2 - API freeze Friday Aug. 29, 2008
1.1 M3 - Feature freeze Friday Oct. 10, 2008
1.1 RC1 Friday Oct. 17, 2008
1.1 RC2 Friday Oct. 24, 2008
1.1 - Final build Friday Oct. 31, 2008

Target Operating Environments

Most of DD deliverables do not have any platform-dependent components, which means that they are supported on all platforms that their dependencies are supported on. Exceptions are listed here:

Deliverable Reference Platforms
GDB/MI Linux - x86

Feature Dependencies

IPXACT Editor & Checker 1.0
  • Platform SDK 3.4.1
  • EMF ?.?
Traditional Memory Rendering 1.1
  • Platform SDK 3.4.1
  • Platform SDK 3.4.1
  • CDT 5.0.1
GDB Debugger 1.1
  • Platform SDK 3.4.1
  • CDT 5.0
  • DSF SDK 1.1
GDB Launch 1.1
  • Platform SDK 3.4.1
  • CDT 5.0
  • DSF SDK 1.1
  • GDB Debugger 1.1

Work Items

Work items are organized by the sub-group leading the effort.


  • Public APIs to extend the editor


  • Bug fixes


  • Public APIs for debug view model
  • Completed Debug view view model
    • Update modes
    • Retrieving of limited # of stack frames
  • Variables view
    • Adding global variables
    • Casting to type


  • Non-stop multi-threaded debugging.