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DSDP/DD/DD 1.0 ProjectPlan

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Release Deliverables

Device Debugging project a host to development of features not covered by any other project as well as a forum for discussing and driving features in other projects, namely Platform and CDT. The deliverables are separated by the sub-project responsible for the given deliverable.

    • IPXACT Editor & Checker (downloadable)
  • Memory
    • Traditional Memory Rendering (downloadable)
  • DSF
    • DSF SDK (downloadable)
      • Service and concurrency APIs, base implementations, and utilities
      • Debugger services' interface definitions
      • Implementation of Platform and CDT APIs to populate debugger views with data from DSF debugger services.
      • Base classes for a debugger implementation based on generic GDB/MI protocol back end.
  • GDB/MI
    • GDB Debugger (downloadable)
      • Debugger implementation based on GNU GDB back end.
  • Disassembly
  • Multi-Context
    • Sub project work to be delivered as part of Eclipse SDK.

Release Milestones

Device Debugging project has dependencies on Platform, CDT, EMF projects. Milestone build dates follow two weeks behind Platform:

  • Friday Oct. 5, 2007 - Milestone 2 (3.4 M2) - stable build
  • Friday Nov. 16, 2007 - Milestone 3 (3.4 M3) - stable build
  • Friday Dec. 28, 2007 - Milestone 4 (3.4 M4) - stable build
  • Friday Feb. 22, 2008 - Milestone 5 (3.4 M5) - stable build

Target Operating Environments

Most of DD deliverables do not have any platform-dependent components, which means that they are supported on all platforms that their dependencies are supported on. Exceptions are listed here:

Deliverable Reference Platforms
GDB/MI Linux - x86

Work Items